Open Badges​

A picture says more than a thousand certificates

Generate visually appealing digital certificates for your target group.

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Our badges can do more than just look nice

Behind every Open Badge is a package of information (metadata) that can be customised by you. Who issused the badge? And who earned the badege with which qualifications?

Your badge - your design

Strengthen your brand presence with badges in your corporate design. Shape, colour, font, images and other design elements are freely customisable. You can also design the publicly accessible information page that is hidden behind each badge according to your wishes.

Gamification: motivate learners

Let’s be frank: Everyone likes to receive an award! Reward your learners with badges for their learning achievements and spur them on to complete more trainings.

Increase your brand awareness

Through hiveQ, users can download their badges and share them with their own social media network. This way, your branded badge can be shared across your employees’ LinkedIn network, your sales partners’ portfolio or your customers’ website in no time.

Learn more about open badges

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Digital and future-oriented

Open badges are the world’s leading format for digital badges.

Everything in one place

Create, award and manage badges directly in hiveQ.


Motivate your users to collect new badges & learn more.

Verifiable via API

Embedded data can be verified via API.

Set validity

Define if and when the badge loses its validity.

Open badge standard

Our badges follow the open badge standard of the Mozilla & MacArthur Foundation.

Import & Export

Upload or export existing badges to hiveQ.

Automatically award

Award badges automatically with the passing of a training.

Shareable in social media

Users can share awarded badges with their own social media network.

Sounds exciting?

Talk to our experts and learn more about open badges in our Learning Management System.

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