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Gesellschaft zur Förderung psychisch Kranker mbH (Reha Offenburg)

The Gesellschaft zur Förderung psychisch Kranker mbH (Society for the Promotion of the Mentally Ill), based in Offenburg, Black Forest, Germany, has set itself the goal of improving the quality of life of people with mental impairments who live and work at the facility. Experienced specialist staff look after the individuals, provide assistance in everyday life and focus on overcoming or reducing illness-related impairments. The aim is to increase independence with the right balance of support and encouragement. In general, an attempt is made to awaken and promote hidden abilities and resources.


  • Rehab residential home: 45 places in Offenburg
  • Intensive assisted living and outpatient assisted living: for approx. 90 people in the regions of Offenburg, Lahr and Gengenbach
  • Workshops: four workshops are operated with a total of approx. 450 mentally impaired people
  • Employees: approx. 140

Use Case: Online Training | Tool: hiveQ

Interesting facts, useful tips - knowledge for life

The learning materials and elearnings that can be accessed in hiveQ revolve around the topics of time management, healthy eating, water, hygiene and nature. Users are invited to find out about interesting topics, facts and tips. Taking part in quizzes allows users to check what they have learned and to test and deepen their knowledge straight away. But “more serious topics” such as accident prevention regulations and workshop rules are also taught via the training sessions. 

Reha Offenburg exclusively provides elearning and accompanying learning materials via hiveQ, which in turn serve to impart knowledge and promote learning.

Use Case: Online Content |Tool: Content Builder

Elearnings for education

The online content is created by Reha Offenburg itself using our authoring tool, the Content Builder. Among other things, it uses the PowerPoint import function to modernize previously existing learning materials. It is important for the responsible persons and users that the online trainings are interesting and interactive. Therefore, film sequences and learning checks, e.g. (multiple) choice questions, are part of every elearning.

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