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With individual learning content from IM|S, you train your target group in a flexible & targeted way.

Object-Based Learning for training installers (Customer: VIESMANN GmbH & Co. KG)

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“We have known IM|S for many years as a competent, reliable and flexible contractual partner who enriches our training offers with its creative proposals and individual training media.”

Sven Wilhelm,
Human resources development HUK-COBURG

The right medium for every target group

Our experts will be happy to advise you on which learning media best suit your needs. Arrange a non-binding consultation now.

Online training

Interactive training for every field of application.

Learning Quiz

Check what users learned in a structured way.

Serious Games

Online games that convey learning content in a playful way.

Big Picture

Interrelationships visualised in an understandable way.

Learning nugget

Short learning units of up to 5 minutes.

Blended Learning

Combined face-to-face & online training.


Webinar kits in your CI.

Learning Card

Short, unvoiced online trainings.

Object-Based Learning

Learning with an animated 3D object.


Short clip to promote something.

Mixed & Virtual Reality

Break the boundaries of reality.

Explainer videos

Complex topics explained simply.

Online training

Interactive online training can explain complex topics simply through storytelling.

Online training for employee training (Customer: HUK-COBURG)

Learning at your own pace

Learners go through the training at their own pace and according to their available time.


Online training can be produced cost-efficiently and be easily extended.


This learning medium can be created with images, videos, sound, text and other media elements.

Learning Quiz

Check what learners learned in a structured way.

Learning control following a customer training (Customer: Straumann)

Anchor knowledge

Sustainable anchoring of knowledge through different types of tasks, such as multiple choice, drag & drop, situational tasks and free text answers.

Fulfil training obligations

With our learning checks, you fulfil and document your legal duty to instruct.

Check learning objectives

Always keep an eye on the current learning status and progress of your learners.

Serious Games

Visualise complex contents and convey content to learners in a playful way.

Racing game with quiz in each pit stop (Customer: Continental)

Intensive learning experience

The learner controls the action and thus perceives the learning content particularly intensively.

Playful motivation

Learning successes are quickly visible to the user, e.g. by reaching the next level or through rankings.

Many areas of application

Serious games can be used for almost all areas of application: from sales training to customer training to onboarding processes.

Big Picture​

The big picture at a glance.

Users move freely through the house & discover Smart Home products (Customer: Robert Bosch)

Visualise connections

Show the bigger picture of your training.

Integrate other trainings

Big Pictures are ideal for incorporating jumping-off points to other training courses.

Strengthen the brand world

Use your company building, sales floor, etc. as a visual base for the training.

Learning nugget

Learning nuggets are small learning morsels, each only a few minutes long.

Learning nugget for customer training (Customer: Abbott GmbH)

Knowledge bits for in between

Learning nuggets can be easily integrated into hectic daily routines and used during non-productive times (e.g. while waiting for customers).

High learning efficiency

The short learning units, which are therefore very easy to absorb, are characterised by a particularly high learning efficiency.


Microlearning, as learning nuggets are also called, can be produced and expanded comparatively cheaply.

Blended Learning​

Combination of classroom and online training.

Enhance classroom trainings with online trainings (Customer: HUK-COBURG)

The best of both worlds

The combination of face-to-face & online training creates strong synergies. The advantages of both methods are retained, while the weaknesses are balanced out.

Media & method diversity

Blended learning offers unique didactic possibilities that are not possible in any other training approach. As a result, this form of learning can be successfully used for almost any field of application.

Learning differentiation

In face-to-face training, different learning levels & types usually cannot be served. Through the additional use of elearning, a homogeneous learning level can be achieved.


We design webinars that will inspire your target group.

Product training webinar (Customer: Daimler Truck AG)

Your look & feel

All slides are created in your CI for strong brand communication.

Didactic concept

Our team designs a didactic framework that effectively communicates your message.


If required, our webinar experts will coach you and your team. We show you how to make a successful presentation.

Learning Card​

Short, unvoiced online trainings.

A learning card about brakes (Customer: Continental)

Flashcard principle

Learning Cards enable your users to learn quickly and clearly. Individual Learning Cards can be saved and viewed again if needed.

Visual learning

This learning medium has no sound at all and is therefore ideal for learning on the move.

Simple format

Since Learning Cards are a very simple format from a technical point of view, changes and updates can be realised quickly & cost-effectively.

Object-Based Learning

Learning hands on. Without the device.

Object-Based Learning created by IM|S for Continental AG

Hands on – Virtually

The learner not only looks at the device, but can dismantle it virtually, zoom in and interactively explore every detail.

Around the world in seconds

In a few seconds, the virtual object can be sent to any user around the globe.

Like real – only better

Let the boundaries between reality & virtual space merge, e.g. shrink the user to let him discover the device from inside.


Short clip to promote a topic or product.

Teaser for the Straumann Group learning platform

Attract attention

Make your target group curious to learn more. Whether product, image or news: Teasers are perfect for a wide variety of areas.

Emotional and appealing

Our creative team designs unique teasers that arouse exactly the emotions you want.

Effective messages

Expressive imagery and stirring music effectively convey your message.

Mixed & Virtual Reality​

Learners are fully immersed in a virtual reality.

Realistic environments

With VR & AR, you create lifelike environments that transport your users into an immersive learning experience.

Faster learning

Through the immersive experience, VR & AR improve understanding and absorption of knowledge.

Dare making mistakes

Your users train lifelike in dangerous, complex and (yet) non-existent situations.

Explainer videos

Complex issues visualised and explained in an appealing way.

An explanatory video created by IM|S for HUK-COBURG

Quick understanding

With the help of moving graphics, images and figures, complex processes and complicated content are illustrated for easy understanding.

Image enhancement

Promote the image of your company with an explanatory video in your company’s corporate design.

2D and 3D Motions

Our creative team will advise you on which animation technique best suits your needs.

Over 20 years of experience

Benefit from over 20 years of e-learning expertise.

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