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Robert Bosch GmbH – Mobility Solutions

Bosch Mobility Services is one of the business units of Robert Bosch GmbH. The company has its legal seat in Stuttgart; the head office is located in Gerlingen, Germany.
A screenshot from the online training "Changes in the sales concept"


  • Industries: Automotive, industrial technology, consumer goods, energy and building technology
  • Customers: World-renowned automakers, suppliers and companies in various sectors, consumers
  • Locations: 126 development sites worldwide, around 440 subsidiaries and regional companies in around 60 countries
  • Number of employees: Approx. 400,000 worldwide

Use Case: Online Training | Tool: Content Builder

Mastering change challenges with online training

A company like Robert Bosch GmbH is constantly changing. This is especially true for the Mobility Services division – a business unit that is close to current trends.

To support this change, we have jointly developed an online training “Changes in Sales” concept. Participants work through the content interactively and then take a quiz per chapter as a hurdle before continuing their learning journey. This ensures that the participants meet the requirements for the next chapter – and the playful aspect is kept in mind too.

The training is available in 6 languages for international use, so that participants can access the challenging concept in their native language.

The feedback from the participants confirms that this didactic approach is the right one: over 65% rated the overall package with the highest rating of “very good”, and more than 70% even considered the content to be very successful.

A screenshot from the online training "Changes in the sales concept"

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