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dm-drogerie markt GmbH & Co. KG

The drugstore chain is headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, and has around 3,700 stores throughout Europe.
A screenshot from one of the trainings created by IM|S


  • Product range: cosmetics, food, household articles, pet supplies, consumer photo services
  • Customers: Consumers in various European countries
  • Number of employees: Approx. 62,600

Use Case: Online content

Fun learning with interactive learning morsels

dm focuses on the individual – whether the customer, employee or partner. This is also reflected in the learning offers for employees – they are primarily designed to provide practical help to employees in their everyday work environment and enable them to develop further. Since many of the learning opportunities are really an offer and not mandatory modules, they have to convince employees with their relevance and creative implementation.

So in various projects we have also jointly implemented very different approaches: From gamification for getting to know the pet food segment to storytelling around the topic of cash to interactive exploration of an energy-efficient branch.

Not only the project and technical managers from dm and IMS were involved in the joint development. Employees also actively took part in the process and provided helpful tips to make the learning opportunities even more practical.

dm has been an IM|S project partner since 2018.

Other joint projects with this customer

An excerpt of previous project collaborations:

  • Project 1: Delicious for animals – ingredients in pet food
  • Project 2: Cash- Checking and recognizing with the senses
  • Project 3: The energy-efficient store
  • Project 4: Avatars for online training

More use cases about learning media:

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