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Let's take a trip back in time

2001: Our belief in innovation

From 1995 onwards, more and more companies were founded that wanted to generate quick profits with the then new Internet technology. In 2000, the so-called “Internet bubble” burst and the hype about the new technology died down.

So why did the founders of IM|S decide to enter this seemingly lifeless market a year later? The answer is simple:

Because they were driven not by profit but by a belief in innovation.
They believed with full conviction that the way knowledge is handled in a company will become the decisive factor for success in most industries.

2004: Launch of the Content Builder: simply digitising knowledge

Until then, companies had to hire expensive professionals who createed online trainings in HTML. You can imagine that at that time knowledge dissemination was incredibly time-consuming, expensive and exhausting.

IM|S wanted to change this and launched the authoring tool “Content Builder” in 2004. This made it possible for every company to digitalise knowledge in an uncomplicated way – even directly by the experts themselves.

This was the first of many milestones still to come, with which IM|S revolutionised the creation and dissemination of knowledge in companies.

2006: Europe's first LMS for vocational training

With the introduction of a Learning Management System specifically for use in vocational training, IM|S set a milestone in Europe. To this day, we are pioneers in the field of digital training management.

In the same year, we started producing learning media. Again, an ambitious goal was set: “We want to take learners into breathtaking worlds and make learning a great experience!”

2009: IM|S continues to grow

The number of companies that recognised the opportunities offered by digital technologies grew rapidly. With our software solutions, services and learning media, we supported more and more companies – worldwide

We are very proud to be able to continue to inspire the customers we won back then, such as Robert Bosch GmbH.

2017: Standardised learning software for companies

To give even more companies access to our Learning Management System, IM|S developed its first standardised software solution in 2017. Now it was possible for companies to receive a ready-to-use learning platform in addition to individual solutions.

2022: In a world full of innovation, IM|S is still going one better

Our world is more innovative and advanced than at any time since the dawn of mankind. But even after more than 20 years, IM|S still manages to stay one step ahead of the competition.

In 2022, we launched the next generation of learning management systems: hiveQ.

hiveQ is like an LMS – only better. With an integrated social media platform and powerful organisational tools to dynamically structure learning content, IM|S sets a new industry standard.

Our belief that learning, and therefore building knowledge, changes the world is our foundation. We are also convinced that knowledge is the best way to fight hunger and poverty in the world. With EduSpace, we are launching a global learning portal for vocational education and training together with the Worlddidac Association.

We continue to be driven by a belief in the new & an insatiable spirit of innovation.

This makes us unique and our customers successful

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